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qooxdoo in the c’t

December 23, 2008 3 comments

The current edition of the famous German computer magazine c’t features a pretty long article about qooxdoo by Andreas Ecker and me. The article first introduces the idea behind qooxdoo and gives an overview about qooxdoo’s architecture. The second part is a tutorial of how to build the interface of a simple calculator application. To demonstrate the new styling capabilities of qooxdoo 0.8 we show how to use the appearance system to style the calculator in a completely different way. The graphics for this styled calculator are taken from a modified calculator widget for Apple’s Dashboard by Jonas Rask. He was so kind to give us a permission to use it.

On the left the unstyled calculator and on the right the styled calculator

For this article we have built a special version of the playground application introduced with the brand new qooxdoo 0.8.1 release. It allows the reader to follow each step without the need to install anything. A fully working version of the calculator application can be downloaded from the “softlink” page of the article.

Online playground for the c't calculator

If you have read the article please don’t hesitate to write a comment to this post. I’m really interested in what you liked, what you didn’t like and about which qooxdoo related topics you would like to read more in the future.

If you understand German and haven’t read it yet, get a copy 🙂

Have fun, Fabian